Tiny Stitches, making layettes for babies in Georgia

Tiny Stitches, Inc.

P.O. Box 254
Suwanee, GA 30024

General Instructions
Wash and Dry all fabric before cutting.
Make final check of finished item:
  1. Clip and remove any threads.
  2. Check all seams for secure stitching. Run your hand into the legs of sleepers to check seams.
  3. Make certain all serger trails have been secured.
  4. Check all gripper snaps to make certain you do not have any exposed prongs. Also make certain that you cannot slide your fingernail under the snap. If you can slide your fingernail under, place snap back in setter and tap with hammer again.
  5. Most Important Check! Ask yourself, "Would I put this item on my child or my grandchild?"

Patterns are for non-commercial use only.
Patterns are in PDF format and require Adobe
Acrobat Reader.
Print patterns out with no scaling.
Each pattern piece requires multiple pages. Align the pages by matching the hash marks as directed.
There is a 2 inch square on each pattern. You should check the size to be sure patterns are being printed accurately.

Tiny Stitches, Inc. A Not for Profit, 501-C3 Company.  |  P.O. Box 254
Suwanee, GA 30024 
  |  Email:  info@tinystitches.org

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